Planning a Summer BBQ with your Colleagues?

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

They Came, They Conquered COOKED!

There’s nothing like food to bring people together. If you are planning a summer staff BBQ or Teambuilding event, our new exciting programme could be just what you are looking for! The privacy of Ballinacurra allows you to escape from the conformity of every day office life, to a tranquil and creative environment that will inspire and envigorate team  members.

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Stress in the workplace is on the rise, which in turn can have negative effect on staff morale and productivity. A nutritious diet can have an enormous beneficial effect on the hormone balance in your body, which can help regulate your energy levels and ability to deal with stress in the workplace.

Learning to cook nutritious home cooked food is the first and most important step in creating a healthy body and mind. We have designed very informative and fun cookery lessons that will empower your staff with the tools needed to get the on the road to becoming kitchen kings and queens.

The classes have a slight competitive edge, along with an emphasis on teambuilding and problem solving. The chefs will pick a winning team based on the how the group works together and also if the food is EDIBLE.

Team building classes (whats included)

Numbers:                   Min 6 people max 18 people
Cost:                            99euro per person
Duration:                    3 hours
What’s included:       Tea/coffee, 3 course meal, glass of wine, recipe packs

Team building themes (pick a theme)

Disaster Chef

Students will be shown a live demo on how to reproduce a healthy 3 course meal. Then they will divided into teams and given 90mins to reproduce the dishes they have been shown.

Mystery Basket

Students will receive a demo on basic knife skills and cooking technique and then will be given 2 hours to reproduce a 3 course meal. They will not no what ingredients the have until the begin to cook. Each team will be allowed to ask 10 questions to the chef and then they are on their own.

Creative Cook

This is the ultimate teambuilding event there will be very quick cook off to discover the best chefs in the group. They will then be appointed as a head chef to a team. Each team will have to pick their own ingredients and come up with their own dishes. One team will serve the starter, one will serve the main and one will serve the dessert to the group. You then decide the best dish. Its chaos but great fun.

So who’s come to Kinsale Gourmet Academy to cook up a storm?

We’ve catered for all levels of employees in organisations from the top down, who were looking for a better way to re-energising the team while having some fun in the kitchen. Groups from all types of industries have come to heat things up in our kitchen; Google, Facebook, Eli Lilly, Musgraves, Starwood Group and Pfizer to name a few.

A great and memorable summer BBQ or year-end get-together is only a phone call away. We can help you to make the planning easy and seamless. We also have a wealth of local knowledge so we can help you work some other activities into your visit.

Contact us today 021 4779040

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