Got a Teen Glued to Their Phone?

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

If you are tired of looking at the top of your teens head, as they scroll through the phone continuously, we have a great idea to wean them off the phone and on to the hob!

With the midterm fast approaching, teens need something non-digital to do. On 22nd March, we are running a hands-on cookery course aimed at teenagers with an interest in cooking, where they will learn to cook really easy, healthy and tasty food for themselves.

The day will fast approach, where your ‘little angels’ will leave home in a flood of tears as they head for their new life in college where they will survive on noodles and pizza.

Screenshot 2016-02-04 12.19.32

But with time on their hands now throughout their teenage years, they can actually learn some good cooking techniques long before they fly the nest. At Kinsale Gourmet Academy we believe that everyone should be able to cook themselves a healthy, nutritious meals that can replace their favourite take-aways and give them plenty of energy to study.

Pizza Dough

The Teen Cooking Camp is a one day hands on cookery lesson aimed at teenagers of age 15+. The hands on workshop will cover 4-5 dishes during the day and all the students will be given recipe packs to take away with them to practice at home. They will be shown how to make healthier versions of all of their fast food favourites; tasty salads, superfast pasta dishes, amazing stir-fries and proper wholesome sandwiches.

The course is €70. To book call 021 4779040 or online here

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