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Nutrition in the Home Kitchen

October 27, 2015

Published by: KinsaleGourmet

I have been working as a chef for the last seventeen years but my attitude towards food and ingredients has taken a complete U-turn over the last couple of years when I began to study nutrition and obtained a diploma as a nutritional advisor. When you start out as a chef you are always trying to Read more

Slow Roasted Caherbeg Free Range Pork Loin

June 17, 2015

Published by: Kinsale Gourmet Academy

Slow Roasted Caherbeg Free Range Pork Loin, with Spiced Butternut Squash, Beetroot and an Apple and Celeriac Coleslaw. This dish is real treat for a family Sunday roast, full of flavour and vibrant colours. Ingredients                 Serves 4 1kg Caherbeg Free Range Pork Loin 1 large Butternut Squash 4 cooked Beetroots cut into wedges ½ head Read more

The Chef and the Farmer

June 17, 2015

Published by: Kinsale Gourmet Academy

Chefs these days get all of the credit for cooking amazing food, but the real heroes are the food producers. As a chef it is vital to source amazing produce and to discover the work, time and effort that go into getting the food from farm to fork. Only then can one really begin to Read more

Video – Kinsale Gourmet Academy Supper Club

January 18, 2015

Published by: Kinsale Gourmet Academy

Check out one of our Supper Club classes here – Steak and 3 Sauces – in full swing. David talks students through cooking the perfect steak and they then get to go cook it under his watchful eye. Read more

County Cork Mayor Attends Cookery School Launch

December 2, 2014

Published by: Kinsale Gourmet Academy

We were delighted to have Cllr. Alan Coleman, Mayor of the County of Cork attend our Cookery School Launch in October. We would like to thank him for being with us, and for his words of support. Read more



Vicki Scott
Vicki Scott

David was an awesome teacher - very patient, fun, and explained everything so well that even I loved this! I am a terrible cook, but I can hardly wait to try some of the recipes he shared that day.

He gave us so many hints that I know everything will turn out great. I hope your cooking school will be a great success. David will be a great asset to this endeavor.